Snapshots – January 10

I was SO excited to get this one! Temperatures started to rise today, which meant with some patience and persistence I could capture some melting. I watched this droplet gathering on the branch and waited until it looked unstable and started snapping away. I started a little earlier and filled up my camera’s cache. But it took a couple extras at a slower rate and this one came up!!


Snapshots – January 10

I really like how this turned out. We have a hill after turning west out of our neighborhood. This was before the snow plows came by to clear it. I’ll try to step out tomorrow to catch the cleared road.

Snapshots – January 9

I couldn’t decide which to go with since they all had aspects that I liked. The top picture is of the patch bay in the audio booth. We can patch any channel from the floor into different effects or compressors using these racks.




This one on the left was just cool because it was an “action” shot. I work with a Soundcraft Ghost 32 channel board. I love my job!





And the one on the right I just liked the infinite possibilities of what could be left or right of the frame.

Atlanta's Snowpocalypse 2011

Wow this storm was slow to get here, but when it got here, it was quick to blanket everything with a good 3-4″ of snow!

Snapshots – January 8

I thought I would revisit Thursday’s photo. It sprouted a pair of extra flowers. This one is not as Photoshopped as the last.

Snapshots – January 7

Just some Photoshop experimenting, which has obviously turned into my logo at the top! My first experience with color keying. Totally amateur, too. I need to invest in a decent solid color sheet of some sort. This was actually on a “Cinco de Moe’s!” t-shirt from work a few years ago, just turned inside out to hide the logo and most of the bleach stains. It worked alright. On the left you can see a bright splotch near the middle of the lens, which is actually a reflection of a light I was using on that side. Oh yeah, lights are another thing I need… I tried this with the flash, but it reflected too much of the room. As you can see by the shadow, that light is way off to the left and it STILL reflected. Just the nature of the beast, I suppose.

Snapshots – January 6

I played around in Lightroom for about 20 minutes with this picture I took. I just love how it turned out.